VividIT offer healthcare clients with assistance ensuring medical record data is stored electronically that would include notes, results, prescriptions made and referrals done. Eachnpatient has a separate folder that is created by our case managers to ensure update of medical records, minimise loss and continuity of care when patient is referred to other designated service providers.

We offer a simplified but yet concise patient checklist form and space for customized patient medical record data to ensure uniformity and eligibility. We have designated nurses and medical practitioners who are able to improve on provided patient data information so as to avoid medico-legal risk to our medical professional clients.

VividIT is also able to offer Human Resource functions of ensuring each practice or administrative staff payroll and accounting system is controlled professionally by our team so that the medical practitioner is able to focus solely on their medical profession without being perturbed by administrative functions and compliance with SARS.

We have partnership with various medical billing platforms like Healthbridge and Med-e-mass but not limited to the mentioned software packages, whereby we offer efficient billing service using the medical practitioner’s billing package preference.

All data is kept confidential, secure with prohibited data sharing unless approved by client.

Also, through our placement department we are able to provide each facility with trained temporal or permanent administrative staff at a reasonable fee.


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