One third of a child’s diet is influenced by what they eat at school, 70% of school children make unhealthy food choices when buying from the tuck shop as fizzy drinks, chips, and sweets are the most commonly bought snacks. Almost one third of South African children have fizzy and sweetened drinks as often as they have fruit and vegetables.

Children who eat a healthy and balanced diet have shown better performance and improved behaviour at school. A lack of physical activity, increased sedentary time and poor eating habits have contributed to the recent rise in childhood obesity and chronic diseases as large portions sizes, kilojoule dense foods and sugary drinks are common in children’s diets today.

VividLife Health Foods provide healthy foods that help children maintain a healthy weight, reach maximum height and grow and develop at their best as a balanced diet during school years is important in helping provide enough energy for school, sports and other activities.

Through our exciting colourful menus we are able to offer schoolkids with nutritious fresh menu at an affordable price.

VividLife Health Foods also provides catering services to public functions, corporates, private functions and delivery to private individuals at their offices by providing a choice of healthy foods and snacks that are low on calories, fresh and nutritious.

The company prides itself with free health promotion brochures, weight loss diet programs and advice for supplements for those physically active individuals who compete in high performance sports activities.


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