Caregiver Placement Solution:

As designated caregiver resource center Vividcare offers homecare solutions for sick, frail, disabled and elderly patients through our trained and qualified caregivers at an affordable rate.

Vividcare supports the clients with medically prescribed consumables and regular free medical consultation and referral to designated service provider.

The company before placement will conduct interviews with the respective family and consultation with our in-house doctor to have an in-depth analysis on the needs of the patient.

Dedicated caregiver team will then be placed on the family homestead who will undergo  continuous performance supervision by a qualified nurse to ensure improved quality of care service that is based on patient centric valued guidelines and programs that will give comfort to the patient and the family.

Nursing Placement Solution:

Vividcare takes pride in delivering public and private facilities highly skilled healthcare professionals that can provide the type of continuity of care at optimal levels during busy periods or on replacement of staff with long term sick or maternity leave.

Our staffing service is based on offering a wide variety of screened and competent personnel with the principle objective of providing trained nursing staff in a timely and cost effective manner and of a quality consistent with the clients own staff.

Locum Doctor Placement Solution:

Vividcare through the network of medical practitioners is able to offer trained casualty officers and experienced specialists in various fields of expertise during busy periods, holidays or weekends.

For the placement services Vividcare offers reasonable rates with affordable pricing structureand at competitive rates.


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