Vivid Life (Pty) Ltd., is a holding company that offers services that enhances health and lifestyle across communities on all walks of life but with more passion on marginalized communities.

The company aims to integrate the latest interactive technology and human potential to optimize its services to be affordable and customized for individuals, developing and corporate clients.

Having identified the gaps in the global and local market whereby the low market segment and majority of the population has relatively poor access to quality services, Vivid Life recognized the need to offer affordable quality community service that would empower the community but still provide viable economic returns to the company.

The company has been able to source individuals from different backgrounds and all walks of life with are passionate about developing and empowering communities through innovation, excellence, professionalism and teamwork.

The company and team aspires to be the global leaders in ensuring a determined valuable development of marginalized communities whilst ensuring the company’s value growsexponentially through its different divisions.



The company was formed in the Eastern Cape, South Africa one of the less developed provinces in South Africa as a result of the need to offer comprehensive affordable quality healthcare, insurance, finance and property development services and solutions to the community.

The first division that the company carved its resolute was in the health and corporate marketing sector where the founding members were involved in starting up private medical facilities, heading departments in public health facilities and marketing of corporate businesses.

With such vast experience and qualifications, the founding members furthered on their endeavors by starting up a private health facility worth R100m and being involved in private projects valued at R15m.

Through a meeting of minds by chance, the founding members amalgamated and formed Vivid Life a company that aspires to have both local and global footprints in ensuring development of marginalized communities and also to build one of the world renowned brands that would symbolize growth through community emancipation.




Our vision is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by delivering quality service at an affordable cost and strive to grow and be the first point of contact for the communities we serve locally, nationally and internationally.



1. To deliver affordable quality healthcare and management solutions to the communities we serve.
2. To offer focused comprehensive affordable insurance to the communities we serve.
3. To offer affordable financial solutions focusing on healthcare individuals, cooperates and small businesses.
4. To provide affordable quality property solutions for individuals and businesses.
5. We manage your health today, tomorrow and forever.
6. We protect your most valuable assets where others only see risk.
7. We partner with you as you make smart financial choices to grow your wealth.
8. We develop property for your lifestyle.



The strategy to execute the company objectives will follow the following four principles:

1. Focusing on the important goals for each project as we believe focused energy yields more output than dispersed and erratic focus of resources.
2. Focusing on the lead measures that yield results on a daily basis and have the highest impact on overall achievement of goals.
3. Keeping a compelling simple scoreboard that maps out progress and drives engagement with the team for results.
4. To create accountability to the team members that ensures compliance and commitment to the given task.


Contact Details

Address: 4 Hughes Street, Mthatha


Tel no: 047 531 1775


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Our Motto

“Your Life.

Your Family.

Our Passion.”